Introdution to VAS

We at ALUCOBOND® have always tried to offer a wholesome solution to our customers apart from just world class products.

While seeking feedback from our customers, we found out that though our customers are very happy with our products, they were not necessarily happy with the final outcome on the application. We tried to analyze the gap and came to a conclusion that it is mainly because of sub-par quality of planning, fabrication and systems is why cladding applications didn’t look as good when one looks at it from close quarters.

As the pioneers of cladding materials for building construction industry, we have developed solutions for our customers which we call as ALUCOBOND® Value Added Services (VAS).
Some of these solutions are explained briefly in these presentations:

  • ALUCOBOND® Panel Optimization
  • ALUCOBOND® Made to Measure (M2M) and Ready to Install (R2I)
  • ALUCOBOND® Solar Shading Solutions
  • ALUCOBOND® Perforation
  • ALUCORE® clad – R2I honeycomb panels