UNA Hotel Malpensa

Architect Renzo Costa
Completed 2004
Product ALUCOBOND®, 4 mm


Important hotel companies have turned architecture into a strategy for creating or re-launching their own image to reach more competitive standards. To realize this aim, they assign internationally famous designers and architects.

UNA Hotel’s philosophy also falls in line with this new strategy. UNA Hotel is a dynamic hotel group that has chosen “the designer touch” as its trump card. The new UNA Hotel Malpensa just opened with its futuristic building forms. The Roman architect Renzo Costa deserves praise for his interpretation of such a complex, functional task while complying with all the rigorous building constraints. He has designed a structure whose stylistic features are carefully scaled to fit into the surroundings. “Symbols” and “Motion” are the two keys of this design concept. Located along the main road to Malpensa Airport and nearby the new Milan Trade Fair, the building stands out against the flat surroundings marked by a number of important communication nodes. Its towering, dynamic outlines rise up over eleven stories, completely enveloped by two asymmetric and counteracting metal sails of ALUCOBOND®. The composed energy, shaping the overall design, is generated by a parallelepiped clad with horizontal sheets of white ceramics contrasting with the static character of the sloping windows. The two silver sails cladded with ALUCOBOND® emerge from the wide structural design along the longitudinal axis.