TIM Composites

Architect Gaël Filleux, agence Bodreau architecture
Completed 2002


The decision to unite the offices and the factory of Tim Composites within one new complex was made in 2002. Since 30 years, the company has been one of the most important ALUCOBOND® fabricators in Europe.

The traditional construction of the new site consists of a sub-construction of steel girders and a roof of insulated trapezoidal profiles. The administration offices are standing out of the cube, which accommodates the manufacturing unit. They are placed along the street as well as the manufacturing in parallel at the rear part of the site. Thus the design of the main entry obtained an amble space to demonstrate the technical and material abilities of Tim Composites. The huge roofage of ALUCOBOND® in Indiana copper swings up fluently from the canopy and carves into the façade like a blade in order to peter out in an abrupt way in the rear. On the front side of the building a cyma breaks the horizontal layout. The curves, contra-curves, invisible fixings and conic portholes are clearly pointing out a grade of technical specialization in manufacturing, which is hard to find within the industrial building sector. Indeed the new building is a showcase of technical possibilities – its function is an industrial building, which has to comply with cost-efficiency and persistency. Both are attributes allocated as trump cards to ALUCOBOND®.