Suzhou Sports Centre

Suzhou Sports Centre

Architect Atelier D’Architecture FredericRolland, France
Completed 2001


Suzhou, an ancient city with at least 2,500 years history that has been affectionately called “Paradise on Earth” by poets, is famous for its well-maintained beautiful indoor gardens and mild climate. Situated approximately 100 km from Shanghai, it is a ‹must-see› tourist destination. While maintaining its old-world charm, it is also developing into an industrial city, with large-scale manufacturing, research and development facilities set up by well known multi-national companies in the city’s suburbs. The city attracts a population of nearly 6 million. To cater for this large population and its increasingly modern lifestyle, a modern structure in the form of an outdoor stadium was erected.

Its built up area is 42,627 m2. With its unique bowl shape clad with ALUCOBOND®, the Suzhou Sports Centre blends into the surroundings, while providing leisure amenities to Suzhou’s residents. The architect is Atelier D’Architecture Frederic Rolland from France.

15,000 m² of ALUCOBOND® were used to clad the exterior curvature of the bowl shaped stadium, and the suspended ceiling of the interior above the seating terraces.

Shenyang Yuanda Aluminum Industry Engineering Co. Ltd. , Shanghai undertook the design, fabrication and installation of the ALUCOBOND® cladding work. The panels taper from top to the base of the bowl and are curved in both longitudal and latitudal directions. It was a major challenge for the material and the technical capabilities of the fabricators. A tray panel system with concealed screw mounts was used forALUCOBOND® cladding. Gaskets were used to conceal the joints. This system ensures the long-term cleanliness of the cladding. A top official of the China Sport Bureau described this project as “the most beautiful stadium he has seen in China”.