Architecture, colour, and design are inseparable when it comes to creating inspiring, evocative buildings. Together, they create the emotional response we have to a space – and they allow for true creative freedom.

ALUCOBOND® offers a wide range of colours with solid, metallic, and special effects. Unique, customised colours are also available on request. If you can conceive it, we can create it.
Discover more about the versatile options on offer.

Solid colours available available available available available 30-40%
Metallic colours available available available available available 30-40%
Custom colours available available available 5-90%
Spectra & Sparkling available available available available > 80%
ALUCOBOND® naturAL available available not available > 80%
ALUCOBOND® anodized look available available available available
ALUCOBOND® terra available available < 10%
ALUCOBOND® urban available available
ALUCOBOND® rocca available available
ALUCOBOND® vintage available available
ALUCOBOND® wood look available available
ALUCOBOND® stone look available available
ALUCOBOND® legno available available
ALUCOBOND® design available available

on request
* according to Gardner Scale

Aluminium composite material with a structured feel

ALUCOBOND® ALUCOBOND® legno composite panels harness the natural beauty of wood to create four alluring finishes. A special coating adds a grainy structured feel to the surface which makes the decors feel more authentic and closer to real wood, while the wood grain pattern is not repeated – even in five-metre-long panels.

Also, the extreme durability and weather resistance mean these panels outperform natural wood; they are resistant to fungus and rotting and protected against moss growth and weathering.

color swatches
color swatches
color swatches

Natural, versatile, durable We love wood. And we also love sophisticated architecture. That was our reason for developing top-quality structured ALUCOBOND® legno cladding panels, which combine all the natural beauty of wood and all the benefits of ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels. ALUCOBOND® legno advantages:
  • low weight
  • fire protection class A2 (non-combustible)
  • excellent flatness and high flexural strength
  • high level of flexural strength for both complex and tight bends, and three-dimensional and amorphous curvature
  • versatile processing options using routing and folding techniques
  • large variety of panel formats from very large to very small
  • natural-looking, varied wood look with grainy structured feel
  • easy clean surface
  • light and UV resistance without losing colour
  • Resistance to fungus, moss, decay and weathering light and UV
  • extreme durability
  • complete recyclability
color swatches
color swatches
color swatches
color swatches

ALUCOBOND® legno – premium wood

Download our new ALUCOBOND® legno colour charts as PDF-file.

Download as PDF [3.57 MB]

For exact colour matching, please request the original colour shades.