ALUCOBOND® organics elegance

Architecture, colour, and design are inseparable when it comes to creating inspiring, evocative buildings. Together, they create the emotional response we have to a space – and they allow for true creative freedom.

ALUCOBOND® offers a wide range of colours with solid, metallic, and special effects. Unique, customised colours are also available on request. If you can conceive it, we can create it.
Discover more about the versatile options on offer.

Solid colours available available available available available 30-40%
Metallic colours available available available available available 30-40%
Custom colours available available available available available 5-90%
ALUCOBOND® colourscapes available available available available available 5-90%
ALUCOBOND® organics elegance available available available available available >70
ALUCOBOND® anodized look available available
ALUCOBOND® concrete available available available available available 5-90%
ALUCOBOND® grove available available available available available 5-90%
Spectra & Sparkling available available available > 80%
ALUCOBOND® naturAL available not available > 80%
ALUCOBOND® terra available available < 10%
ALUCOBOND® urban available available
ALUCOBOND® wood look available available available
ALUCOBOND® stone look available available available
ALUCOBOND® legno available available
ALUCOBOND® design available available

on request
* according to Gardner Scale


When nature adorns its rawness, aesthetics emerge abundantly. The earth, with its soil, sand, and turf, creates a tapestry of muted, mellow tones. Even rivers, mountains and the skies sing a subtle, harmonious symphony.

Inspired by nature, ALUCOBOND® organics elegance is a curated spectrum of sophisticated shades. Much like warm hues of raw honey or hidden pearls in an oyster’s grasp, this collection celebrates the beauty that emerges from the unadulterated and unaltered. As the mist gently shrouds the earth before yielding to the nurturing rain, these seemingly unassuming muted colours unveil their true elegance.

ALUCOBOND® organics elegance showcases the very essence of nature's artistry. It is a tribute to the subtlety of organic beauty, where even the most unassuming shades unveil a world of grace and elegance.

ALUCOBOND® organics elegance is ideal for numerous applications such as façade cladding, interiors, balconies, ceilings, and column cladding.

ALUCOBOND® organics elegance, as an aluminum composite material, presents a fusion of qualities that set it apart. Its slender profile, light weight and rigidity are complemented by its exceptional formability. Through its ease of fabrication these panels can effortlessly evolve into intricate, multidimensional shapes with a sharp, impeccable geometry.

ALUCOBOND® organics elegance is sustainable and fully recyclable, underscoring its eco-conscious commitment. These characteristics position ALUCOBOND® organics elegance as the quintessential choice for cladding, where form and function harmonize to perfection.

Discover a rich palette of shades with ALUCOBOND® organics elegance. From warm, earthy tones to cool, contemporary hues, our collection offers a spectrum of colors to breathe life into your architectural vision.

Mauve | 78208
Myst | 75220
Chalk | 71226
Weed | 76206
Haze | 71227
Desert | 71225
Honey | 79218
Olive | 76205
Thunder Grey | 77257
For exact colour matching, please request the original colour shades.


The fluorocarbon (FEVE) coating is applied to the aluminium coil prior to lamination onto ALUCOBOND®, using a continuous coil coating process. The multiple layers are individually cured at temperatures between 200 - 260°C. The quality of the coating is tested according to standards established by E.C.C.A. (European Coil Coating Association) of which 3A Composites is a member. Fluorocarbon (FEVE) coating systems combine good formability and excellent surface durability. They are extremely resistant against weathering, strong solar radiation and pollution.

Minimum order quantities apply. For more information and product specification please refer to your nearest ALUCOBOND® representative.

ALUCOBOND® Organics Elegance

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