ALUCOBOND® is the “Original” and has been the market leader in aluminium composite panels world-wide since 1969.

ALUCOBOND® shows excellent product properties such as extraordinary flatness, a large variety of colours and perfect formability. It has been developed as a rigid and, at the same time, flexible fascia material for architecture. ALUCOBOND® is extremely weatherproof, impact-resistant and break-proof, vibration-damping, and ensures easy and fast installation.

As a light composite material consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a plastic core, the versatile ALUCOBOND® product is a material also preferred in areas other than architecture, such as corporate design, and is widely used in industry and transportation.

Numerous international prizes have been awarded for this successful product. With more than 130 million sq.m of ALUCOBOND® sold, it has proved to be one of the most successful materials world-wide delivering soffit solutions across Asia and the Middle East.

TECHNICAL ITEM STANDARD UNIT Standard T12mm* Standard T25mm*
Front Cover Sheet** mm 1
Weight kg / m2 5.5 6
Alloy EN 573-3 AA5005A(ALMG1),H42 AA3003, H44
Coil Coating System Coil Coating  PVDF\HDP\POLY
Gloss (Initial Value) ECCA T2 % 30-80
Pencil Hardness ECCA T4  HB-F
Cell Size mm 6.3 – 19
Density kg / mm3 > 50
Thickness of AI Foil mm 0.076
Bare Compressive Strength N / mm2 > 2.5
Modules of Elasticity EN 1999 1-1 N / mm2 70, 000
Tensile Strength Cover Sheets EN 485-2 N / mm2 Rm ≥ 125
0.2% Proof Stress EN 485-2 N / mm2 Rp0.2 ≥ 80
Elongation % A50 ≥ 3
Linear Thermal Expansion EN 1999 1-1 2.4mm/m (at 100℃ temperature Difference)
Sound Absorption Factor αs !SO 345 0.05
Sound Insulation Rw ISO 717-1
EN ISO 6721
dB 15 25
Thermal Conductivity λ*** DIN 52612 W/mK 1.35 2.7
Thermal Resistance R DIN 52612 m2K/W 0.0047 0.0093
Heat Transition Coefficient U DIN 4108 W/m2K 5.65 5.58
Flame spreading in the aluminium surface BS476, Part 7 Class 1
Surface fire performance BS1991ADB Class 0


* Based on the specific application, there are kinds of thickness, such as 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, etc.
** There are also 0.5mm or 0.7mm for the front skin according to the specific application
*** total thickness,