Lizard Cloud – HTWK Leipzig – Architecture.Research.Pavillon.2013 at Designer’s Open Leipzig


Digital data and information processing are changing social and economic structures and realtions in a steadily accelerating manner for the last decades. The batch production process from design to the finished product within today’s industry is characterised by digital information chains.


In the field of building, especially within architecture, the application of digital tools is mostly restricted to the design and planning process. At the interface to the production process most often there is a break in digital process guidance. The reason is based in the individual character of the building activity, the large scale of the manufactured parts as well as the organisational variety and plurality of involved parties.

Problem statement.

Often ambitious projects with regard to formality or supporting structure fall through due to economic questions. The building industry is characterised by handcraft and many geometric single parts. To be economically competitive with complex geometric projects the consequent implementation of a “digital work-flow” – from design to realisation of the single parts of a building structure –is the key.

Goal and approach

The project focusses on realising a geometric complex structure with consequent use of digital tools. The technological core of the project is to approximate a variable curved surface by means of plane, individually sawed ALUCOBOND® panels. The assembly is effectuated with a special “spatial connection”, enabling the wedging of the individually, three-dimensionally aligned panels. The joining is easy and furthermore generates the necessary bearing strength and structural rigidity.


From left to right: B.A.; Marius Zwigart, Dipl.Ing. Hannes Löschke, M.Sc., Christian Bobsin, B.A.; Anne Wörfel, B.A.; Max Schuster, B.A.; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Stahr

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