Haute Couture for the Grand Théatre in Albi

The city of Albi has opened the doors of the new Grand Théatre to the public. The building is the result of an extensive program to restructure and enlarge the Cordeliers district. Main issue of the planning was the erection of a culture and congress centre with a cinema complex and underground parking.

For the cladding of the façade Dominique Perrault Architecture chose ALUCOBOND spectra® in combination with a metal canvas.

The identity and personality of the building is reached by an overwhelming combination of colour-changing aluminium composite panels and a bronze-gold-coloured metal mesh.

The façade of the new Grand Theatre in Cordeliers was cladded with more than 670 ALUCOBOND® panels, which throw different colours back to the passer-by depending on viewing angle and light incidence. The tinted glass windows with very high thermal and acoustical performance break the daylight smoothly into the large entrance area.

The façade creates a play of orange and copper colours like a sonny autumn day. In addition the building got a tailor-made copper metal mesh. The aesthetic design of Dominique Perrault Architects transforms the building almost into an artwork.

The comparison to French Haute Couture is obvious: the combination of ALUCOBOND® and metal mesh is striking but concurrently conveys elegance and suppleness to the architectural ensemble

Project: Théâtre Les Cordeliers Albi

Location: Place des Cordeliers, 81000 Albi France

Architect: Dominique Perrault Architecture

Fabricator: Marty / Plexial

Material: ALUCOBOND Spectra® Cupral (913)

Construction: Tray panels – Special construction

Year of construction: 2013

Copyright pictures: Manuel Panaget

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