Extended colour and surface variety at the BAU 2013

From shiny to matt, from solid to individual – 3A Composites presents an extended colour and surface variety at the BAU 2013.

The ALUCOBOND spectra® series has been extended with five new colours that, depending upon the pigment type and viewing angle, reflect different wave lengths of light back to the audience resulting in an ever-changing colour gradient. The completely new Sparkling series– Galactic Sparkle – is catching through bright sparkling and shining effects and thus provides a subtle and elegant impression with a deep effect to the façade.
With ALUCOBOND® design 3A Composites offers manifold possibilities and unique design freedom thanks to individual décor variations. Individual decors can be realized according to the designer’s or customer’s specifications. Thus, ALUCOBOND® design combines individuality with the advantages and quality of ALUCOBOND®. Compared to other materials, ALUCOBOND® aluminium composite panels can also easily be routed, folded and bended which gives architects even more design freedom with regard to forms and shapes.
The surfaces of ALUCOBOND® Anodized Look display the natural beauty of satin-smooth metal in architecture at its best. Here, 3A Composites extends the series with the new colour Satin Brown.
Last but not least, the standard colour chart of ALUCOBOND® has been adapted, to meet the needs of contemporary architectural needs. It now contains 17 solid colours – different shades of grey to black, bright colours like white and cream as well as vivid hues. 12 metallic colours convince by their different appearance of colour and gloss under various light conditions and viewing angles. These surfaces impart a vivid and lively impression.

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