Centre Aquatique

Architect DGST, Service d’Architecture de la Ville de Neuilly-sur-Seine
Completed 2003


In 2004, the town of the Neuilly-sur-Seine unveiled its new public swimming pool, transformed into a true recreation centre.

This facility’s design is bold and daring, yet at the same time, integrates beautifully with the surrounding environment. The marriage of sand stone, aluminium composite roofing, and glass curtain wall compliments the design traditionally found in the neighbouring buildings. However, the centre distinguishes itself with a 3000 m² roof designed in the shape of a wave, in sharp contrast with the rightangled walls of the building. The curves of this wave reflect the aquatic nature of the centre, without obstructing the view of the surrounding buildings. The shape had to be perfectly smooth, without edges or visible ventilation, and utilize a suitable colour. ALUCOBOND’s® ability to deliver sweeping curves for the roof edge coupled withALUCORE’s® sturdy honeycomb panel for the roof surface provided the ideal solution. Tim Composites successfully fabricated and installed the 1 645 panels with precision. Adjustable clamps ranging from 15 to 20 cm were mounted as intermediate supports to which the ALUCOBOND® and ALUCORE® panels were riveted. The most challenging feat was to find the proper angle for the curved panels on the roof’s edge; these pieces dictated the seaming pattern for the entire roof’s surface.