AlMukminin Mosque

AlMukminin Mosque

Architect Forum Architects, Singapore
Completed 2006


With its crescentshaped roof and star-like dome, the AlMukminin Mosque has become a landmark in a housing estate in Singapore.

Built in 1987, it needed renovation to accommodate today’s requirements. As part of the upgrade, a multi-coloured curved louver-screen was added. Using ALUCOBOND® panels, Singapore’s Forum Architects created an architectural element which is both aesthetic and functional. The multi-coloured louvre screen acts as a safety barrier for users walking along the corridors. Gaps in between the louvres allow light into the corridor, creating interesting visual effects. It allows natural ventilation while ensuring minimal water penetration during tropical downpours. With a vertical upturn on the inside and the horizontal part of the louvre sloping towards the outside, rain water is directed away from the building.

The colours are arranged into an Islamic arabesque. Seven different colours were used on this project, all of them symbolising nature such as yellow for earth, blue for sky and water, green for vegetation and black as a neutral colour. The colourful panels have transformed a former unnoticed area into an attractive and exuberant façade. It acts as a new backdrop to the existing star-shaped roof of the prayer hall.

The Architect chose ALUCOBOND® due to its colour availability, formability, and proven durability to withstand the tropical climate of Singapore. 1 800 sqm. of ALUCOBOND® panels were used to transform the mosque into a modern and colourful landmark.